Organised By:
Transportation Engineering Research Centre (TRC), Department of Civil Engineering, CET.

Date: 24,25 January 2023
Venue: CET

Who to contact:

  • Dr. R. Padmakumar
  • Dr. Loui T.R.
  • Dr. Sheela Alex

About the Programme

The programme ADAPTS is envisioned as 8 interactive sessions on Pavement Design, Quality Control and Road Safety, providing updates on the concepts and technologies involved.

Targeted participants:

  • Engineers & Overseers from Govt. Departments (PWD, KHRI, LID and EW, KSRRDA, KSTP, Road Safety)
  • Practising Engineers
  • Faculty in related Fields.

How to apply

  1. Upload a scanned copy of the filled-up and duly endorsed form in the brochure, through the ADAPTS “online preregistration” form or
  2. Fill in the online form without uploading the file and hand over the duly endorsed form at the registration desk.
  3. email the duly endorsed form (in case of any issues with 1 and 2).

For ADAPTS “online preregistration” Click Here.

Kindly fill up and submit the online preregistration form in any case, it would help us to compile the list.

Fee: Nil

Looking forward to meeting you at ADAPTS.

For more details, please see the brochure.