Dr. Sindhu G


Contact Details

B.Tech:1987, Civil Engg.,College of Engineering Trivandrum
M.Tech:1989, Civil (Hydraulics) Engg.,College of Engg.Trivandrum
Ph.D :2013, College of Engg. Trivandrum (Kerala University)
(Topic: An Integrated approach for modelling of saltwater intrusion into coastal aquifers – A Case study)

Area of Interest

  • Groundwater flow modelling & Contaminant transport modelling
  • Geophysical studies
  • Hydrology & Experimental Hydraulics
  • Application of GIS in the field of Hydrology & Groundwater Engg.


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Other Responsibilities held:

  1. Resident Tutor in the Ladies Hostel, GEC Kannur (1999-2000)
  2. Staff Advisor: 2000-2004 Batch,Dept.of Civil Engg.
  3. Lab -in Charge:Computer Lab,Dept.of Civil Engg.
  4. Lab -in charge: PG Hydraulics Lab,Dept.of Civil Engg.(1997-2003) & (2008 -2013)
  5. ISO Co-ordinator, Dept.of Civil Engg.(2005)
  6. President,Civil Engineering Association,Dept.of Civil Engg.(2013-2014)
  7. Staff Advisor,College Union(2014-15)
  8. Research Co-ordinator, Dept.of Civil Engg.
  9. Visiting Faculty Co-ordinator,College of Engg. Trivandrum( 2014 onwards)
  10. PG Co-ordinator (2014-2018),Dept.of Civil Engg.
  11. Chairman of B.Tech & M.Tech Degree University Examinations
  12. Co-ordinator of Poster presentation (2018), College of Engg.Trivandrum.
  13. Board member in KPSC
  14. Member in the anti-ragging squad, College of Engg.Trivandrum(2018 onwards).
  15. Faculty in Charge of Time table (2000-2004) & 2018
  16. Faculty in charge of documentation in connection with NBA accreditation 2013for UG programme, Dept.of Civil Engg