Central Computing Facility

The Central Computing facility started functioning in 1999. The facility serves as the focal point of computing resources, which are shared by all the departments and offices of the College. It is open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM on all working days. The CCF comprises the Server room and 3 Labs equipped with 11 high-end servers in which applications and software such as Campusoft, MATLAB, Faculty Evaluation, college website, department websites, web pages of various student clubs in CET,  conference websites etc. are hosted, 200 plus computers and other accessories including printers, scanners, LCD projectors, etc. that are available for the use of the staff and the students of the Institution. E-journals and research publications such as Science Direct Publications, ASME, ASCE, IEEE, etc. are also available. An EPBX for the intercom facility of the College is also housed here.

The facility is served by a 1Gbps leased line internet connection availed under the NKN scheme of the Central Government. It is the hub of the Campus-wide Network backbone and distributes the internet connectivity throughout the Campus via fiber optical connectivity including the Ladies’ Hostel, enabling 24 X 7 internet access. A Wi-Fi connection is also set up in the College.

An outstanding part of the facility is the Sree Chithirathirunal Centre for Computing. It is a fully furnished lab room equipped with state-of-the-art ICT devices and technologies. 96 high-end desktop PCs and other accessories including printers, and scanners are provided for fulfilling the academic needs of our students. Seminars, workshops, training sessions, etc. are conducted by utilizing this facility for the overall development of the staff and student community.

Another focus of the facility is the Centre for Training in Software Engineering (CTSE). It is well-equipped with 48 Computers, which are entirely networked and enabled with internet access. This is extensively used for conducting technical training sessions, classes, and seminars as well as short-term courses on a variety of topics related to computing and Information Technology. Short-term courses on current technologies are regularly conducted here for the benefit of our students and also the public.