IPR cell is functioning in the College (In the main building near the Hostel Office, Room No. 101) from July 2010 onwards. As per the Proceedings No. L4/19813/10/DTE Thiruvananthapuram dated 26/05/2010, The IPR cell is supported by Patent Information centre (PIC) – Kerala, Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment (KSCSTE), Govt. of Kerala. Dr Anjan R Nair, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering is the coordinator of the IPR cell.
Due to the lack of awareness on the significance of IPR, many of the inventions/creations emanating from engineering colleges are not getting protected. The Inventions are being published in newspapers and media and thus they are disqualified for getting patent. Hence, to guide the student and faculty in the colleges in protecting their intellectual properties IPR cell can contribute in this direction and it can create awareness and facilitate the filing of patent applications and filing other forms of IPR through PIC-Kerala.

The IPR cell is expected –
i) To work as a bridge between PIC- Kerala and CET.
ii) To advise and guide the students and faculty on importance of IPR, especially patents with help of PIC.
iii) To arrange periodic meetings of faculty members along with Officer of PIC- Kerala for identifying patentable inventions.
iv) To encourage faculty members to carryout patent searches in house and/ or at PIC- Kerala and to fine-tune their research.
v) To forward eligible cases for IP protection to PIC.

The main activities of IPR cell are as follows:
i) The IPR cell can organize IP clinic in which student can be asked to express some innovative ideas and the IPR cell can provide proper guidance on the scope of developing that to an idea to an innovative product. As an outcome of these IP clinics, lot of innovative ideas are expected to come out and among them, some of these ideas may result in to patentable invention.
ii) The IPR cell can organize innovation workshops in which some of the existing technical problem may be raised and the students can be asked to come up with solutions.
iii) The IPR cell can organize Lectures periodically on the various issues of IPR for which the technical support will be provided by PIC- Kerala, by way of providing the service of experts in the field of IPR for delivering the lectures.
iv) The IPR cell can conduct some quiz programs exclusively on IPR and the winner may be given certificates and prizes and it will encourage the students to study more about IPR
v) The IPR cell can also forward the eligible cases for IP protection to PIC – Kerala.
IPR Cell is maintaining a bank account in the SBT College of Engg. Branch.

Proud achievements for CET!
Two patents awarded to College of Engineering Trivandrum.

1) A patent was awarded for the Invention titled ‘ An automated duct fan based wall climbing device’. This device is mainly intended to inspect and repair the inaccessible parts of  large concrete structures . The existing mechanisms are slow  and have very small load bearing capacity. The newly developed ‘ wall climbing robot’ can crawl over the structures faster and can bear better load.
CET congratulates the inventors, Prof. Resmi Bhooshan, Mr. Praveen Sekhar and Ms. Lia Joseph (both 2014 AEI) from ECE department of the college.

2) A patent was awarded for to the Invention titled “High Power Gear Vehicle”. The invention relates to the field of electric vehicles with gear shifting mechanism working in both motoring and regenerative braking modes of operations.
CET congratulates the inventors, Dr Ushakumari S and Dr Jino Joy.

Congratulations to all the Inventors for the remarkable achievement.


Grant Certificate 5392 Che 2014 1

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