Sponsored research and industrial consultancy are two important modes through which the faculty maintains contact with the frontiers of knowledge and the latest developments in technology. We have entered an era when the products and their technological contents are changing rapidly due to intense competition in the globalized market. The life of a generation of products has been reduced to only a few years and is becoming increasingly shorter. In these times of continuous innovation and fast-changing technology the curriculum must also be updated continuously to keep pace with time and research and consultancy projects help the faculty to enrich the curriculum regularly to offer quality education in science and technology. Thus, the activities of sponsored research and industrial consultancy have become an essential part of the research and professional activities of the faculty of the college. The specific objectives of the Centre are as follows:

(a) To channel the specialized technical competence and expertise of the faculty and staff of the Institute for Industrial Consultancy and Research.

(b) To act as a link between the Institute and Industry to enable the state-of-the-art testing facilities available at various laboratories to be effectively utilized for the growth and development of the Industry in the region.

(c) To share expertise with the industry in the development, fabrication and design of modern processes, machines and devices.

(d) To offer total consultancy in select sectors that have relevance to the country, in collaboration with Indian or foreign consultancy groups if necessary, so that the staff and students of the Institute are associated with the industrial growth and advancement of the country.

(e) To support the faculty in preparing and submitting research projects to various funding agencies.

(f) To conduct training for professionals and executives in the Industry, Business and Service sectors to enable them to cope with the fast-changing technological and managerial environment.

(g) To conduct in-service training to workers in the industries of organized and unorganized sectors for enhancement of productivity and equip them to meet the changes in technology.

(h) To make training needs analysis of specific sectors and plan and organize suitable training programmes for them.

(i) To support educational outreach activities.

(j)To undertake socially relevant projects/development of technology which are of immediate relevance to the society in the state, through faculty/technical staff and student initiation.

To co-ordinate the Sponsored Research, Industrial Consultancy and Training activities in the college, the Centre for Industrial Training, Consultancy & Sponsored Research (ITC & SR) is formed under the Board of Governors of the college. The functioning of the centre is governed by the Institutional Programme Implementation Unit (IPIU). The Professor in charge of ITC&SR is Dr. Priyadarsini R.S. Professor in the Civil Engineering Department. The Centre contact details are Tel: 0471-2515572 Mob: 9497202572; email: itcsr@cet.ac.in.

Audit Report ITCSR FY 21-22

Audit Report ITCSR FY 22-23