As a leading institution of education in Kerala, College of Engineering Trivandrum (CET) endorses start-ups amongst the students. To upsurge various startup initiatives, a vibrant ecosystem comprising Incubators, Accelerators and Centers of Excellence in Emerging Technologies are being established in the campus.   IEDC (, TBI (, TrEST Park ( and PDDC are the initiatives by the Government of Kerala for developing startup ecosystem in CET.

Product Design and Development Centre (PDDC) at College of Engineering Trivandrum is setup as a pilot project which could be replicated in other Engineering colleges. The centre is envisaged to develop and test new design for products and transfer technology to prospective entrepreneurs. The centre shall also impart training on product design to the students and unemployed youth through specialized programs. As a destination for designing and prototyping, PDDC will function as a one-stop centre for all product-design and development activities for both software and hardware components and also in all sectors of Industry 4.0. PDDC will create an inclusive environment for interdisciplinary learning by untying the complexities set by the conventional boundaries of department/college structure. Research scholars, students, and faculty members from all departmentscan come together and utilize the ideas, perspectives, and exclusive skills to solve problems beyond the scope of a single discipline.

The PDDC is managed by a committee consisting of Principal, Research Dean, coordinator and faculty members representing all branches of engineering.  The students and staff members can approach the committee by email . The present committee members are.

1.        Dr. Jiji C V (Principal)

2.        Dr. Suresh Babu V (DeanResearch)

3.        Prof. Harish T V (Coordinator)

4.        Dr. Sumi S (Co-Coordinator[CE))

5.        Dr. Joy Varghese V M (Co-Coordinator[ME))

6.        Dr. P S Shenil (Co-Coordinator[EEE))

7.        Prof. Joaquim lgnatous Monteiro (Co-Coordinator[ECE))

8.        Prof. Thara R J (Co-Coordinator[CSE))

9.        Prof. Nidhish P J (Co-Coordinator[Architecture))

10.      Dr. Sini V Pillai (Co-Coordinator[BusinessAdministration))