Centre for Continuing Education

Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) is an autonomous body set up under the Board of Governors of College of Engineering, Trivandrum to promote Continuing Education programs and to undertake Industrial Consultancy assignments. The Centre is now consultant to various Central/State Government and private organizations carrying out Structural Engg. design, soil Investigation, Survey, Architectural design, Hydraulic design, Hydrological review of dams, Heat transfer analysis of turbine stage and various other consultancy projects. Testing works are also carried out through this centre. A number of short-term courses, training programs, and workshops have been conducted by the centre for the benefit of practicing engineers, teachers, weaker sections of society and others. The functioning of the centre is governed by the Institutional Programme Implementation Unit (IPIU). The Manager of the centre is Dr. Anil R, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering.


Major Areas of Consultancy

1. Department of Civil Engineering

2. Department of Mechanical Engineering

3. Department of Electrical&Electronics Engineering

4. Department of Business Administration

5. Department of Computer Application


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