Barrier Free Consultancy Cell (BFCC)

Persons with disabilities, the elderly, and people with health issues face several barriers in the built environment. Barrier Free Consultancy Cell aims to improve accessibility in the built environment by providing technical support, creating awareness and conducting research.

BFCC is established under grant from Social Justice Department, Kerala at Dept. of Architecture, College of Engineering Trivandrum. Its services are free for Government institutions in Kerala.

Persons with disabilities face barriers such as – steep slopes, slippery surfaces, potholes on roads, lack of signage, steps without handrails, lack of ramps, lack of parking, busy roads without proper pedestrian crossing, etc. As a result of these barriers, they find it difficult to access the most basic facilities in public spaces – schools, medical facilities, workplaces, restaurants, footpaths, toilets, or public buildings.


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