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Accessibility audit for public buildings

The following buildings are being audited for their accessibility provisions. Facilities like parking, ramps, handrails, lift, toilet, signages etc are inspected based on ‘Harmonised Guidelines and Space Standards for Barrier Free Built Environment for Persons with Disability and Elderly Persons (2016)’. Suggestions are further made to improve accessibility.
● Vikas Bhavan Office Complex
● Public Office Old Block
● Directorate of Technical Education
● Directorate of Mining and Geology
● Revenue Complex Building, Public Office Compound
● Excise Complex
● Controller of Stationery
● Civil Station, Kudappanakkunnu
● Planning Board, Old Building
● State Planning Board, New Building
● Police Station, Peroorkkada
● Roads Division Campus
● PWD Division, Special Division Building
● Irrigation Department
● Regional Language Institute
● University Principal Quarters
● Village Office, Kowdiar
● Govt. Engg College
● Govt. College, Karyavattam
● Womens’ ITI, Kazhakkuttam
● Peroorkkada Survey School
● Public Health Training Centre, Peroorkkada
● Bharath Scouts And Guides Head Office
● Kerala Public Service Commission, District Office
● ITC Anchamada
● District Industries Centre
● Village Office, Vattiyurkkavu
● Police Station, Vattiyurkkavu

Gap Analysis

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Vetting of Proposals
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Knowledge dissemination

BFCC 2021

On-going Training Programmes

 ‘Experiential learning: Barrier-Free Built Environments’

‘Experiential learning: Barrier-Free Built Environments’ is a one-day offline training programme held at selected districts in Kerala, from 26 Oct to 30 Nov 2021.

The training programme consists of:

  • Sensitisation session (introduction to the difficulties faced by persons with disabilities and elderly, and the need for providing accessibility in built environment)
  • Introduction to basics of technical aspects of accessibility provision (standards to be followed while designing and constructing a building and its surroundings)
  • Hands-on assignment session (auditing a building for accessibility, Designing changes to  an existing building – as group work)
  • Interactive session and discussion

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Advanced Training in Accessibility

An online course based on the prevailing Indian standards for accessibility, conducted online by Enable Me Access Association in collaboration with BFCC.

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