BFCC – Services Provided


Provides technical support in building/site design and construction activities for barrier-free built environments, such as:

  • Accessibility audit – Verifying the accessibility of a building
  • Gap analysis– Comparison of available accessibility facilities with the standard requirements for accessible buildings
  • Retrofitting –  Improving the accessibility of existing buildings
  • Vetting of proposals–  Reviewing building design proposals for accessibility
  • Knowledge dissemination – Sharing knowledge on accessibility aspects to stakeholders involved in Barrier Free environments.
  • Documentation and Report for the works.


Aims to provide awareness and share knowledge among various stakeholders working towards Barrier free Kerala

  • Training programme for professionals involved in design and implementation -intends to train engineers, architects, and other professionals,students,and persons in administration in creating barrier-free environments.

The training programme mainly includes

  • Introduction to the importance of accessibility.
  • Introduction to basic technical provisions of barrier free environments.
  • A practical session is also provided with examples of real- life scenarios – especially in making an existing building barrier-free within the practical limitations of site and available materials.

Training Programmes offered:

  • Awareness programme for those involved in policy and decision making – to make people involved in policy and decision making  aware of the difficulties faced due to lack of accessibility.

The Awareness programme includes

  • Awareness on  the difficulties faced by people due to lack of accessibility
  • Introduction to the need for accessibility in built environments


Conducts research in relevant areas contributing to improved accessibility. Supports research projects in the area of disabilities.