Admission Procedure

a The tentative date for admission is scheduled on 28-10-2022
b ReportatDeanResearchOffice– Collect Cover, registration form and verification form from the Dean Research Office.
c Report at respective Departments– Certificate verification by Research supervisor/Internal supervisor at the respective Department of the Scholar
i. Verification of original certificates
ii. Verification of Registration form
iii. Get approval from the Department Research Coordinator and HOD
d Report at Dean Research Office

Data verification in the KTU Portal with original certificates Get approval from the Dean Research.
e Meet the Principal Get approval from the Principal for taking admission to the institute.
f ReportatCollegeoffice&PTAOfficeFee payment
i. At College office -Rs. 22,180/- (Govt. Fee + KTU Fee)
ii. At PTA Office – Rs. 9,925/-
iii. At Bus Secretary Office –Rs. 2,000/-
iv. Total fee for First Semester Rs. 34,105/- (Details attached)
g Report at Dean Research Office – After fee payment report to the Dean Research office for completing the admission process. The following documents are to be submitted
i. Registration form
ii. Admission Check List
iii. Copies of all relevant documents
iv. Copy of fee receipts

Admission Check List (Click Here)