Dr Arun Arjunan, Director of the Centre for Engineering Innovation and Research (CEIR) Research Group Lead for Additive Manufacturing of Functional Materials (AMFM),University of Wolverhampton, UK, paid a visit to the college on 24/05/2022. DrArun leads the Additive Manufacturing of Functional Materials research group, which is focused on developing multifunctional materials that can be additively manufactured (3D printed) for on-demand problem-solving.

Dr Arun gave a brief presentation of the ongoing research activities in the University of Wolverhampton. The presentation was attended by the Principal Dr Suresh Babu, the Dean (International Affairs) Dr Bindu G R, Dr Rani S, Dr Mini R S and Dr Anjan R Nair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He also visited different laboratories of the Mechanical department, where research related to his area of interest were being pursued.

Dr Arun Arjunan in Advanced Vibrations Lab
Dr Rani S briefing the research activities in the Advanced Tribology Research Centre (ATRC)