1. Admission confirmed for those who have been alloted hostel and who paid the required fee on or before 10/11/2021.

2. Existing Rank lists stand cancelled.

3. Admission to the remaining seats in the Hostels will be given based on:

          3.1 GO(Rt)No. 1491/2021/HEDN dated Thiruvananthapuram, 10/11/2021

         3.2 G.O (Ms) No. 190/2017/H.Edn dated 13/07/2017

         3.3 Hostel Allotment Criteria

4. Applications are invited from different batches of students. An application can be accepted only if the applicant has filled it for the respective year of study for the applicant. Deadline for application is 17-11-2021. Please fill the required form from below:

4.1 Application form for second year BTech/BArch (2020 admission):  https://forms.gle/wudbqrkvGfbonpmq7

4.2 Application form for third year BTech/BArch (2019 admission): https://forms.gle/vjpynNsWgSFPbpNP8

4.3 Application form for fourth year BTech/BArch (2018 admission): https://forms.gle/DRGYnMa4t9bDE1AWA

4.4         Application form for second year PG (2020 admission):  https://forms.gle/2iq7BvpGfBhcKkvQ7

4.5         Application form for first year PG (2021 admission): https://forms.gle/PnfoM8CN3n48Q5Bv5 (Last Date 26-11-2021 5.00 PM)