Dr. P. Sreejaya

Professor and Head of Department

Phone: 2515562 (O), 9447438978(M) Email: Sreejaya@ieee.org


B. Tech – Electrical and Electronics Engg. (T. K. M. College of Engineering, Kollam)
M. Tech – Power Systems (College of Engineering Trivandrum)
Ph.D – Power System (University of Kerala)

Area of Interest

Operation and control of Power systems, Reactive Power optimization, FACTS, HVDC transmission systems, Renewable energy systems, Power system protection, Microgrid.

Professional Experience

Teaching (28 years) Ph. D Guidance- 5 scholars in progress

Recently taught courses

Operation and control of Power Systems, Power System Stability and Reliability, Flexible AC Transmission systems, HVDC and FACTS, Power System Engineering, Power Electronic Application in Power Systems

Other Responsobilities

Reviewer for IJEPES Elsevier Journal (Certified as outstanding reviewer)
Reviewer for IEI series B Journal 

Membership of Professional Bodies

IEEE member for 13 years
IEEE Power and Energy Society member for 13 years
ISTE Life member

Important Publications

  1. Anishkumar A. R., P. Sreejaya “Switching logic for converting off-grid PV customers to on-grid by utilizing off grid inverter and battery”, Journal of Institution of Engineers (India) Series B – Online DOI 10.1007/s40031-016-0240-x
  2. Rejitha R. and P. Sreejaya ”Reactive power and voltage control in Kerala grid and optimization of control variables using genetic algorithm” 2008 IEEE Power India Conference – POWERCON 2008, New Delhi, 12-15 October 2008.
  3. Kannan M., P. Sreejaya “Study of Partial Discharge in Solid Dielectrics” IEEE Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric phenomena, October 26-29 2008 Quebec City, Canada
  4. P. Sreejaya and S. Rama Iyer ”Optimal Reactive Power Flow Control for Voltage Profile Improvement in AC-DC Power Systems” 2010 IEEE Power India Conference – PEDES 2010, New Delhi,20-23 December 2010.
  5. Viji J. Vikram and P. Sreejaya ”Optimal reactive power dispatch in power systems for voltage stability enhancement” 2010 International Conference on Control, Communication and Computing -ICCC 2010, Trivandrum, 18-20 February 2010
  6. P. Sreejaya and S. Rama Iyer ”Reactive Power Control by Genetic Algorithm in AC-DC Systems” 2012 International Conference on Future Electrical Power and Energy Systems – ICFEPES 2012, China ,21-22 February 2012
  7. Anishkumar A.R., P. Sreejaya “ Design and Characterization of Wind Flutter Mobile Charger” ICETREE 2014, TKMCE, Kollam.
  8. AmruthaBabu, P. Sreejaya “ Reduced Rating Railway Power Conditioners in Co-phase Traction and Traditional Traction System ” International Conference on Control, Communication and Computing, IEEE ICCC2015, Trivandrum 19-21 November 2015
  9. Sruthi Raj P., P. Sreejaya “ Coordinated Voltage and Reactive Power Control Scheme for Smart Grids with Distributed Generation ” International Conference on Control, Communication and Computing, IEEE ICCC2015, Trivandrum 19-21 November 2015
  10. Priya Poulose, P. Sreejaya, “Indoor light harvesting using dye sensitized solar cell”, International Conference on Control, Communication and Computing, IEEE IC4 July 2018, Trivandrum.
  11. Joseph V.K., P. Sreejaya, “Grid security analysis of 220kV Kerala Network with sensitivity based load shedding”, IEEE International Conference on Convergence in Technology I2CT March 2019, Pune