Dr. Manoj Kumar .K. B.Arch, M.Arch, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Department of Architecture,
College of Engineering Trivandrum (C.E.T.)

Education Levels

PhD in Architecture from Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, CEPT University, Ahmedabad
M Arch in Urban Design from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, Deemed to be University (an Institution under MHRD, Govt of India)
B Arch from Department of Architecture, College of Engineering, Trivandrum (Kerala University)
Expert training in Disaster Management and resilient building, IIT Kanpur funded and supported by Ministry of Home affairs, Govt of India

Write-up about you
Dr Manoj Kumar Kini is an architect, urban Designer and an architectural historian and theorist. He works on issues of urbanisation, Disaster Mitigation and Urban resilience, modernism, post-colonial Indian architecture and history, sustainable and cost effective building construction. He has an experience of 20 years of Teaching since 1999 as Faculty in Architecture in CET, Trivandrum, TKM College of Engineering, Kollam, RV College of Engineering Bangalore and CEPT University Ahmedabad in various capacities. Currently he is holding the position of lead faculty in Masters Programme in Urban design and has played a major role in establishing the same at CET.
Dr.Manoj has 18 years of post-qualification work experience in urban design, conservation and planning projects and has conducted professional training for the practicing professionals and Post graduate students. As the lead faculty at CET, he is coordinating Masters Programme and has contributed to the planning and development of the same to the national stature including its content building, and course structuring. He is serving as an expert member in various committees constituted by the Government and is an advisor to many Local bodies in the field of urban Planning and design. He has authored several papers and publications. He is currently serving as the National Secretary of Institute of Urban Designers India, IUDI and was the founding Chair of IUDI Kerala. He is also serving as member of executive committee, IIA Kerala State and member of committee for international national outreach, at CET and also the college redressal forum.

Work experience
Trainee architect, Architectural assistant and urban designer with Dr .B S Bhooshan BSB associates B lore/Mysore India, London United Kingdom.
Consultant urban designer with LEA associates on Urban design Projects
Member and coordinator of design consultancy cell, Dept. Of Architecture TKMCE Kollam
Member of expert committee to advice government ,on Urban design and related projects in Kerala State
Member district level subject expert committee DLEC District Panchayath, Kollam
Member Spatial Planning Sub Committee Kollam District
Member District Planning Committee Kollam
Member core team IDDP Project Govt of Kerala
Vice chair: City Improvement Committee Corporation of Kollam
Member Town Planning committee Kollam Corporation
Member Amrut Projects monitoring Expert Committee Govt of Kerala
Member and In-charge sustainable houses programme, Indian Institute of Architects, Kerala Chapter

Research interest

  1. Disaster management, Mitigation and Urban resilience
  2. Cost effective housing and technology
  3. Urban morphology
  4. Green architecture ,eco-friendly construction and technology
  5. Architectural history ,theory and developmen


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List of conference papers
International Conferences

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Member, Curriculum Formulation Committee for B Arch and M Arch Urban Design Degree Course, APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University, Kerala, 2015-Present
Member, redressal committee, College Council (Academic), CET
Executive Member ISO 9001:2008 Academic and Curriculum Development Monitoring and Management Committee, Dept. of Architecture CET
Principal Coordinator for starting AICTE approved M Arch (Urban design) Degree Course, Dept of Architecture CET, 2013-14
Resource Person for Curriculum Formulation and Revision of B Arch, M Arch (urban design) and M Planning (Urban Planning) Degree Courses of Kerala University and APJ Kalam TU, Kerala 2014, 2016
Resource Person for Curriculum Formulation and Revision M Arch (Urban Design) and M Planning (Housing) Degree Courses of University of Kerala, 2012-2016
Member, International reach and research committee, CET Trivandrum
Coordinator, Disaster relief work CET 2018

Parpidom Young Architect Award, for excellence in the field of architecture, Kerala State
Indian Institute of Architects Certificate of merit for outstanding contribution to Profession
Stapati Samman for best architectural thesis in Kerala University ,
Thesis Gold medal for best Urban Design thesis and First Rank, M Arch(UD) SPA New Delhi
Nomination for Manika Vachakom Gold medal for best Thesis out of all streams, SPA New Delhi
Designer of the year Award Commendation by Inside outside Magazine ,Mumbai for Chandanam, A House in water.
Best paper award Greeshma J & Manoj Kumar Kini, NCTT national conference
Best Urban design thesis IUDI New Delhi Arun Raj & Manoj Kumar Kini, National level
Best PG thesis UD CoA Arun Raj Guided and Manoj Kumar Kini National Level
Merit scholarship for Govt of Kerala for academic Merit School Level
Scholarship for academic excellence Govt of Kerala
GATE Scholarship for PG studies Govt of India

State coordinator Green Architecture social initiative IIA Kerala Chapter 2016-2018
Executed low cost housing schemes for poor in different parts of Kerala as part of outreach programme under Govt and Local body initiative
Involved in school improvement and master planning of Government schools a s part of social outreach
Involved in Master plan preparation for Govt Colleges and DTE