Rotary Servo with Multi DOF Torsion module
Make : Quanser
Application : The Multi-DOF Torsion module is ideal to introduce principles of robotics and torsional dynamics. Demonstrate real-world control challenges, such as the effect of flexible coupling between an actuator and a load encountered in complex industrial processes.The Torsion module consists of an instrumented bearing block mounted in a solid frame.
A shaft inside the bearing block is free to spin, rotating the torsional load of two disks on a support bar. The shaft rotation is measured by an encoder. The shaft can be outfitted with a flexible coupling allowing it to attach another Torsion module. The Torsion module couples to the Rotary Servo Base Unit, which rotates the flexible coupling attached to the torsion load. Up to seven Torsion modules can be coupled in cascade. That allows the creation of multi-DOF control problems to expand the complexity of experiments.
Standard Features: Design a state-feedback system that controls the position of the torsion output load shaft to a desired angle while dampening the flexible coupling
Unique Features and Advantages : Design a state-feedback system that controls the position of both torsion output load shafts to a desired angle while dampening for the flexible coupling of each torsion module.

Power Systems Lab
1. Solar PV Training System
Make : Ecosense
Application : The Solar PV Training And Research System is a mini Solar PV Plant Prototype whicch enables students and faculty to understand in-depth concepts about stand-alone PV systems.
2. High Voltage Testing
Application : High Voltage Testing facility provides the provision for power frequency voltage tests and impulse tests in a safe environment. The highest voltage being 200kV
3. Electrical Power Transmission Line Training System
Make : Honalec Energy Systems
Application : A complete hardware simulation version of a transmission line including the generating station, transmission line, receiving station and VAR compensators.