An interdepartmental 6-member team of CETians won second place in Hack’e’Health 2021, an all-India Hackathon conducted by the Electronics conglomerate GE Healthcare by coming up with Project Hermes – a service knowledge delivery chatbot as a solution to provide a better structure for troubleshooting the problem-solving process when a medical device is at fault.

The team consisting of Ranjana H (AEI), Sudev SS (CSE), Ashwin Jayaji (CSE), Anupama P (IE), Lynn Collins (AEI) and Gokul S (IE) were mentored by Prof. Dhanya S. Pankaj (CSE) and Prof. Linu Shine (EC).

Through a two-month long effort the team used methods such as graph databases and chatbot systems in order to streamline the process of service data management. They collaborated with expert mentors from GE Healthcare for step-by-step problem solving while building a great connection with the industry experts. Project Hermes was presented in front of a vast panel of GE employees such as the Service Chief Engineer and an audience consisting of premier institutes across the nation.

The team won a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh along with mementos for the college and faculty mentors who guided them in this project.

Hearty Congratulations to the team.