Dear Fresher, 

A very warm welcome to the College of Engineering Trivandrum. A hearty congratulations to you and your proud parents for getting admitted to this prestigious institution. “As you sow, so you reap.” You had sown well and so you have reaped well. What lies ahead for the next four years at CET is for you to nurture your yield, the fruits of your labour. 

College of Engineering Trivandrum Alumni Association (CETAA) was formed in 1976 by the visionaries and former professors at College of Engineering Trivandrum to bring the alumni of CET together under one umbrella. We help eligible students achieve their goals through financial support. Please visit our web portal to learn more about CETAA. 

We at CETAA are ready to hold your hands and help you take the baby steps towards a successful career. We are inviting you to apply for the GEMS (Growing Engineers’ Monetary Support) Scholarship program of CETAA using the link provided below. 

 Google form Link: 

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  Q R c o d e

● The last date for submitting the online application is 24th January 2024 ● A hard copy of the application, along with attested copies of all the certificates for proof of eligibility, should reach the CETAA office on or before 29th January 2024 (The hard copy of the application submitted by the students should be verified and attested by the Staff Advisor and finally recommended by the concerned Head of Department.)

The scholarship amount will be INR 10,000/- (Rupees Ten thousand only) per year. A rank list will be published based on the data you provide in the application form. The same will also be 

verified via various independent sources. Kindly ensure that you fill in correctly all the data requested in the Google form. Please mark NOT APPLICABLE wherever the question is not relevant to you. The eligibility will be based on the rank list and the approval of the same by the GEMS management committee. The annual renewal of the scholarship will be based on your continued meritorious academic performance. 

Eligibility for applying towards GEMS Scholarship 

1. The applicant shall have a rank not less than 10,000 in the Common Entrance Examination. (Rank certificate attested by the staff advisor shall be produced along with the application). 

2. The applicant shall not be a recipient of any other scholarship. 

The renewal of the scholarship shall be done only if 

i. A student passes all subjects in all semesters as of the date of renewal. ii. A student gets a G.P.A. of at least 7.0 in all the semesters on the date of renewal. A progress certificate recommended by the concerned staff advisor and HOD shall be produced along with the renewal request to receive the subsequent instalments of the scholarship.