Two patents awarded to College of Engineering Trivandrum.

1) A patent was awarded for the Invention titled ‘ An automated duct fan based wall climbing device’. This device is mainly intended to inspect and repair the inaccessible parts of  large concrete structures . The existing mechanisms are slow  and have very small load bearing capacity. The newly developed ‘ wall climbing robot’ can crawl over the structures faster and can bear better load.
CET congratulates the inventors, Prof. Resmi Bhooshan, Mr. Praveen Sekhar and Ms. Lia Joseph (both 2014 AEI) from ECE department of the college.

2) A patent was awarded for to the Invention titled “High Power Gear Vehicle”. The invention relates to the field of electric vehicles with gear shifting mechanism working in both motoring and regenerative braking modes of operations.
CET congratulates the inventors, Dr Ushakumari S and Dr Jino Joy.

Congratulations to all the Inventors for the remarkable achievement.

Grant Certificate 5392 Che 2014 1