16th International Conference on Humanizing Work and Work Environment

International Conference on Humanizing Work and Work Environment (HWWE) conference is one of the important annual events in the field of Human Factors and Ergonomics. The first HWWE conference was held in 2001. HWWE serves as a major forum for the exchange of ideas concerning the improvement in work and work environment. One of the important resources of any activity being human being, the utilization of this resource is important for growth of an economy. Ergonomics provides suitable ways of doing and completing manual task that leads to improvement of productivity. Ergonomics not only improves the productivity by making the task less strenuous but also concentrates on the environmental safety and health of human beings. Ergonomics focuses on design and evaluation of tasks, workplace, tools, equipment, implements, and the work system as a whole. The 15th International HWWE Conference HWWE 2017 was held at the Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India, from 8th to 10th December 2017 with overwhelming response as usual.

This conference offers a platform for researchers, practitioners, manufacturers and academicians to discuss the ongoing research across the world and help exchange ideas in addressing work related issues faced by human beings in all facets of daily activities. The current conference theme of HWWE 2018, “Technology Enabled Workplace Design”, highlights the endless needs of human beings in his never ending quest to improve human life and aims to serve as a confluence of ideas emerging from every aspect of technology implementation in making the life more beautiful. HWWE 2018 thus targets to provide ways to improve self, the environment he/she works, and to benefit everyone interacting in man-machine work systems. The organizers of HWWE 2018 invite everyone who can contribute to or benefit form this great event that aims the exchange ideas in the field of Ergonomics/Human Factors Engineering and related fields like Medicine, Psychology, Information Technology and more. Participating in this edition of HWWE also will provide an opportunity to explore and experience the beauty of the “God’s Own Country” Kerala, its heritage, historical importance, art and culture, and to become part of it. The host institution College of Engineering Trivandrum (CET) is one of the oldest engineering colleges in India which celebrated its Diamond Jubilee recently and is located in the southern tip of the peninsular region with a vast expanse of greenery. The institution houses country’s oldest Industrial Engineering and Management Programmes which were started three decades ago. CET welcomes all to its premises to make this event a successful and memorable one.