National Conference on Technological Trends from 21st-22nd July 2017

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Name Research Project Topic Sponsor Academic Application

Prof. Shaji. T. L

Building Acoustic Lab


Dissemination of Knowledge acquired in the field of Building acoustics to the students

Research in Cost Effective Acoustic Absorbents


Give on-hand information about the low cost acoustic materials

Prof. Sheeja. K.P

Timber Construction in Kerala Architecture


To get an exposure about timber construction in Kerala

Dr. Binumol Tom

Moisture related decay mitigation in traditional Timber Architecture of Kerala


To find out the relation of moisture on traditional timber building

Dr.Priyanjali Prabhakaran

The Influence of Physical Space on gendered participation in the Public Realm: The case of Hyderabad”


PhD Work

Prof. Shailaja Nair

The home as a Haven - Analysis of residential spaces


Extensive application in academic & professional areas.

Prof. Manju G Nair

Study on enhancement of day lighting in buildings using light pipes and light shelves.


To provide information on energy efficient day lighting systems.

Prof. Deepa Rani R

Influence of Building Envelope on Thermal Comfort parameters inside naturally ventilated buildings in Hot Humid Climate’


Wide application in reducing energy usage in buildings without compromising comfort aspect.



Ragging: Crime & Punishment

In case of Ragging contact

Anti-ragging info:Downloads